Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved


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The Primary Care Association of Kansas
1129 South Kansas Avenue, Suite B
Topeka, KS  66612 (m)
Phone: (785) 233-8483
Fax: (785) 233-8403
Email:  kspca@kspca.org

Cathy Harding, Executive Director

Mission Statement:  The mission of the Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved is to support and strengthen our member organizations through advocacy, education, and communication.

Hours:  8:00 am– 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday


  • Networking Opportunities
  • Advocacy
  • Information Dissemination
  • Technical Assistance
  • Community Development and Trainings

Eligibility:  Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved is a member organization offering organizational, associate and individual memberships:

Organizational membership is available to non profit or public organizations that share the mission of Kansas Association for the Medically Underserved and that deliver primary and preventive health care services to patients regardless of ability to pay either by legal mandate or explicitly adopted mission.  Each Organizational Member has one vote at meetings of the General Membership.  Organizational members are entitled to all membership benefits.
Associate Membership is available to non-profit or public organizations that deliver primary and preventive health care services that are not comprehensive in nature, to patients regardless of their ability to pay. Associate members are non-voting members and are entitled to basic membership benefits.
Individual membership is available to persons that do not represent an organizational member if they support the mission and vision of the Corporation.  Individual Members will be non – voting members of the Corporation.

How to Apply: Contact Kari Parker, kparker@kspca.org

Fees: Membership

Funding: Government and private grants

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