Mirror, Inc


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Residential Reentry Center
2201 SE 25th Street
Topeka, KS  66605 (m)
Phone: (785) 783-3274
Fax: (785) 215-6087
Email: kmcgill@mirrorinc.org

Ken McGill
, VP Correctional Program
Mary Handley, Director of Federal Programs

Mission Statement: Mirror’s mission is that through broad – based partnerships, we will provide substance abuse, correctional, and other community health and human services to people in need.

Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Reentry Center Hours: 24 hour


  • Mirror, Inc. offers a comprehensive array of programming to individuals, communities and government entities. Continuum of care is available for those participating in the Residential Reentry Center program.  These services are provided to individuals involved in the criminal justice system through contracts we have entered into with the US Bureau of Prisons and US Probation to assist individuals in successful re-entry into society after incarceration.  Our correctional programs also provide services for individuals who are supervised by the US Probation Office in Kansas.
  • Mirror serves as a regional Residential Reentry Center for Federal Offenders releasing from Federal Bureau of Prisons and returning to Topeka, KS and surrounding areas.  These individuals are placed at the Residential Reentry Center in order to complete the remainder of their term of incarceration and to begin their transition to the community by obtaining and maintaining gainful employment, suitable, approved housing, obtain needed support services in the community, and reintegrate into family dynamics. Also, individuals transition from the Federal Bureau of Prisons to the jurisdiction of the US Probation Office.  The goal of this program is to assist offenders in developing skills necessary for a successful transition into the community and to assist them in becoming a productive member of the community.

Eligibility: Referral from United States Probation or Federal Bureau of Prisons

Fees: Clients pay a portion of the cost through subsistence (a percentage of income from employment)

Funding Sources: United States Justice Department