Shawnee County Conservation District

Shawnee County Conservation District

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3231 SW Van Buren Street
Topeka, KS  66611-2469 (m)
Phone: (785) 267-5721
Fax: (785) 266-8293

Judy Boltman, District Manager



Mission Statement: Promote a voluntary program of education, planning and application of conservation practices to conserve and protect our soil and water.

Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday


  • Cost-share programs for agricultural and non-agricultural projects ranging from terraces and livestock ponds to plugging abandoned water wells and repairing failing septic system.
  • School demonstrations, host teacher workshops and an Environmental Fair as well as display at farm shows, home shows and the Kansas Garden Show.  Host sediment and erosion control workshops for contractors and developers.
  • Sell grass seed (price varies per mix-call for details) and marking flags, ($10.50 per hundred). Rent no-till grass drill for $10.00 per acre, minimum $75. Rent 50 bushel manure spreader $100 1st day, $50 each 2nd & 3rd days, further rules apply.

Eligibility: Contact for further information

How to Apply: Call for details or to receive the newsletter

Fees: Planning and education services are free.  See above for other fees

Funding: State of Kansas, Shawnee County, Kansas Water Fund, various grants, seed sales and drill rental.  (Mostly state and county)

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