Topeka Metro Transit Authority


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820 SE Quincy Street
Topeka, KS 66612 (m)
Phone: (785) 783-7000
Fax: (785) 354-8476

Susan Duffy, General Manager




Mission: To provide safe, reliable, courteous, and efficient public transportation service to all residents of the Topeka community.

Administrative Office Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday
Service Hours: 5:45 am – 6:40 pm, Monday – Friday
8:15 am – 6:40 pm, Saturday’s, closed Sunday’s


  • Fixed route bus service throughout Topeka using 12 regular routes and 2 special routes
  • Passengers pay using cash, tickets, or monthly passes
  • All buses are wheelchair accessible and fixed route buses have bike racks
  • Topeka Metro also offers door-to-door Lift service for persons with a disability who are functionally unable to use the fixed route. (see listing for “Lift Service.”)

Eligibility for Fixed-Route Reduced Fare: Available for those with a qualifying disability, a Medicare card, age 65 or older, and youth age 5-18.  Applications are available on our website or at 820 SE Quincy.

Fees: Adult, Reduced & Student Fares

  • Full-fare  Cash
    Cash $2.00
    Ride Cards (10)   $18.00
    Monthly Pass     $50.00


  • Reduced
    Cash     $1.00
    Ride Cards (10)      $9.00
    Monthly Pass         $35.00


  • Student (5-18)
    Cash      $1.50
    Ride Cards (10)       $15.00
    Monthly Pass          $40.00

Transfers – Free
Children under 5 (limit 3) – Free

Funding: City Mill Levy, State and Federal funding, and fare-box revenue

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